• Adonai Mahaseinu --The Lord is our Refuge


    David Loden © 1977


    Adonai mahaseinu, hu go'alenu

    The Lord is our refuge, he is our redeemer

    Yeshua meshichenu, bitchu bo

    Yeshua is our Messiah, trust in him


    Vekarata vekarata et sh'mo

    and you shall call and you shall call his name

    Yeshua ki hu yoshia, bitchu bo

    Yeshua for He will save, trust in Him

    hu yoshia, hu yoshia et amo

    He will save, he will save his people

    Et amo me'avnotehem, bitchu bo

    his people from their sins, trust in him

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    Samedi 11 Août 2018 à 16:34

    BEAUTIFUL!, This song is a blessing in my life. 


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