• Bo Ruach Elohim -- Come Spirit of God

    ©Daniel Kopp and Sarah liberman  from the album "Adonai - The power of Worship from the Land of Israel"


    Bo, Ruach Elohim
    Come, Spirit of God
    U’male et nafshi
    come and fill us now
    Hadrech otanu k’yeladim
    for you are welcome in this place
    rak b’cha anu chafetzim
    show your mercy and your grace
    Anachnu mazminim otcha lavo
    come and fill us, Holy Spirit come

    Come, Holy Spirit Come
    Come and fill us now
    For you are welcome in this place
    Show your mercy and your grace
    come and fill us
    Holy Spirit come

    Baruch Haba
    Baruch Haba
    Ruach Elohim

    Baruch Haba
    Baruch Haba
    Welcome Spirit of God




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