• Haruach Vehakala -- The Spirit and the Bride



    David Loden © 1981     Revelation 22:17


    Haruach vehakala omrim bo

    The spirit and the bride say "come"




    Haruach vehakala omrim bo

    the spirit and the bride say "come"

    Hashome'a yomar na, yomar na bo

    Let him who hears say ... let him say "come"

    Hatzameh yavo na, he chafetz yikach na

    Let the thirsty come, let whoever whishes take

    Mayim chayim chinam

    The free gift of living water

    « Yavo Eleinu -- He will come to usHine Keinei Avadim -- Behold as the eyes of Servants »
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    Mardi 30 Juin 2015 à 15:52

    Great song! Is it possible to get chords and lyrics for our church?

    TIM, Cologne, Germany

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