• Hine El yeshuati -- Behold, God is my salvation


    Batya Segal ©1981       Isaiah 12: 2-3


    Hine El yeshuati

    Behold, God is my salvation


    Hine El yeshuati, evtach

    Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust             X2


    Velo efchad, velo efchad

    And not be afraid, and not be afraid


    Ki ozi vezimrat ya adonai

    For the Lord my God is my strengh and song

    vayehi li liy'shua

    and He has become my salvation                       X2


    Ush'avtem mayim besasson

    and you will draw water joyfully

    mima' yanei ha'Yeshua

    from the wells of salvation


    Hine el yeshuati....

    velo efchad...


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