• Ram Venisa hAmashiach -- High and exalted is the Messiah

    David Loden ©1990


    Ram venisa haMashiah

    High and exalted is the Messiah

    Hod vehadar levusho

    Clothed in glory and splendor

    Kan belibi haMashiach

    Here in my heart the Messiah

    Shochen beheichalo

    dwells in his tabernacle


    Ala lamizbe’ach keseh
    He went up to alter as a lamb
    onshi hu shilem kefodeh
    my punishment He paid as Redeemer
    Kol berech tichra kol lashon ken todeh
    Every knee will bow every tongue will confess

    hishtachavu lefanav
    bow down before Him
    Hayoshev liymino shel ha’av
    the one who site at the right hand of the Father
    Kol ayin tireh shivato livchirav
    every eye will see Him return for his chosen

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