• El Gibor v'El Elyon -- Mighty God and God Most high

    David Seguin/Brandon Whatley/Joy Greig


    Ha’Rishon v’ha’acharon
    The First and the Last
    Ha’alef v’ha’tav
    The Aleph and the Tav
    Melech Ha’Kavod
    King of glory
    Melech ha’melachim
    King of kings
    Yeshua Hu Adon
    Yeshua (which) is Lord
    Seh ha’Elohim
    Lamb of God
    Raui l’chavod
    Worthy of Glory
    Melech ha’melachim
    King of kings

    El Gibor v’El Elyon
    Mighty God and God most High
    Levadcha Atah Adon
    You alone are Lord
    Levadcha Atah Kadosh
    You alone are Holy
    Melech ha’melachim
    King of Kings

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